Tomb Raider 2018 – How to Watch Full Movie Online

Movie review and summary

In the 2018 movie Tomb Raider, the fiercely independent 21-year old Lara Croft is shown living a carefree and reckless life after the disappearance of her eccentric adventurous father Richard when she was only hardly a teen. She is a young woman with absolutely no focus in life as she barely makes a living being a bike courier in the busy streets of East London. But as she is set to carve her own success path, she confidently shuts doors to taking care of her father’s global empire and proudly owning her inheritance. Not just that, she also rejects the fact that her father is gone forever – whether missing or dead.

It has been seven years since Richard disappeared, but Lara keeps moving forward to solve how her father mysteriously died or disappeared some years back. She decides to leave everything behind in search of her dad and moves to his last known destination – an imaginary tomb on a mythical island situated off the coast in Japan. But little does she know that it will not be an easy journey to this mythical island. All she has with her is her blind faith in knowing what happened to her dad, her sharp mind to fight against the odds and the stubborn inner-self that pushes her to deal with the extremes.

On her journey to this fabled tomb on the island – which she knew would not be an easy one – she faces unbelievable adventures and obstacles least to mention the ship that she is travelling in that capsizes in a violent storm and leaves her unconscious. As she survives against all odds, she earns herself the name ‘Tomb Raider’.

How to Watch Full Movie Online

The movie Tomb Raider was only recently released and is still in theaters around you for viewing. But there are some links that can help you experience the same excitement on your mobile, PC or your Apple TV. Websites like Dailymotion, Movie watcher and Twitch TV are offering links that run full HD streaming of the movie Tomb Raider.

Some of these links are country specific and may not work in some regions. When you open these links, on some of them the movie can be viewed as one single video without any interruption. However, there can be some links that divide the movie into three or four separate videos for easy uploading, streaming and watching. These links also offer subtitles in many languages on the movie, so it becomes easier to understand its plot.

There is also a channel on YouTube called ‘Tomb Raider Full Movie‘ that is growing with videos comprising special scenes from the movie and trailers and can offer to view the full movie at a minimal cost soon. The American Entertainment Company called Netflix, along with many other similar entertainment websites, is also always trying to add new movies to its collection, so you can stream Tomb Raider from there too right to your Apple TV, mobile, tablets or PCs.

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